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 A number of tour program go to countryside in Vietnam that you can relax after you attend fair

  Binh Quoi Village


Binh Quoi Tourist Village is the famous rendezvous of culture - folk cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City. It is the ideal rendezvous for organizing culinary cultural events serving needs of the citizens and international tourists. 

Located on Saigon riverside, Binh Quoi Tourist Village has two branches: 1 & 2. Number 1 is at 1147 Binh Quoi, Binh Thanh District while number 2 is just a few kilometers away, at the very end of the road. Binh Quoi Tourist Village is just about 8 – 10 km from Ho Chi Minh City centre and can be a nice day trip from the crowded city centre.

There, tourists can find themselves drowned in the charming beauty of a bygone Mekong Delta, with gigs, a blue canal, dinghies, a rough monkey bridge and thatched cottages among lush water coconut trees. Moreover, a culinary buffet program is held outdoors weekly , named “Reclaiming Southern Food”, where numerous dishes from hundreds of years ago are served in a harmonious blend of people an nature. There are also rowing boats, fishing and folk games available for those who seek activities. A true soul of the Mekong Delta is there in every corner to discover.


Cu Chi Tunnels


Củ Chi has long been famous around the world for its intricate network of tunnels, tied to the glorious history of the southern land. Củ Chi Tunnels is currently one of the alluring sights attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

Cu Chi Tunnels is a defense system in the ground in Cu Chi District, which was implemented by National Liberation Front for South Vietnam in Indochina War and Vietnam War. The tunnel system includes numerous clinics, rooms, kitchens, storage, office, and system of underground. The tunnels own a length of about 200 km and ventilation systems is disposed in the bushes, avoiding the observation of the enemy. Located at the end of Ho Chi Minh Trail, Cu Chi Tunnels were established on the land known as the "iron land", which has long been one of the most popular sights in almost Ho Chi Minh tours. Tourists to the tunnels have a chance to experience the life in the tunnel through trying to taste the dishes previously used in Vietnam army, such as boiled cassava, sesame... 


Vam Sat Ecological tourist center 


Located in Can Gio District, Vam Sat lies between the two rivers Vam Sat and Long Tau. There’s a wide variety of activities which are offered at Vam Sat Tourist Center, of which both ecological and recreational aspects are included. The basis tour must include observing the unique ecological system of mangrove forest, visiting Bat Swamp, crocodile farm and also bird-watching. For instance, Bat Swamp is one attraction that visitors can find the natural beautiful scenery of flying foxes hanging themselves behind the foliages of high mangroves. Particularly, the most exciting activity in Bat Swamp is crab angling, which adds more flavours to ones’ meals. In addition, crocodile farm would be quite thrilling to nervous people while seeing them devour the fish you cast over and looking at their red greedy eyes.

Even at night, people still don’t find it boring since they can join common life activities of fishermen like catching crabs or shrimps (soi ba khia and xo tom). Camp fire or karaoke singing aren’t bad ideas though, especially for group of travelers or team building tours.