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-       Duration: From November 10 to November 14, 2022 at Phu Tho Stadium, HCMC

-       Opening time: 10:00AM – 09:00PM

-       Exhibitors shall assure serving visitors until the end of the opening hour every day up to the end of the fair.

-       Exhibitors which self-construct shall receive the empty space at 9:00AM on November 07, 2022.

-       Exhibitors receive the standard booths at 02:00PM on November 09, 2022.

-       The time entering goods for display: 8:00AM – 10:00AM on November 10, 2022.

-       The goods shall be brought out from the Fair from 8:00AM - 10:00AM on November 15, 2022.

-       The warehouse will be available for depositing goods: from November 10 to November 14, 2022 (from the first night to the last night of the Fair).

-       Goods deposit: from 08:30PM - 09:30PM and take back from 8:00AM - 10:00AM in the next morning.



1.      List the price, origin and quality of goods publicly, honestly and undertake the responsibility to the customers for their goods and services. Implement sales and purchase transactions in accordance with the provisions of the law of Vietnam. The disputes between the exhibitors participating in the Fair and customers shall be settled by the two parties themselves.

2.      The promotion programs shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese laws.

3.      Comply with- "Regulations for participating units" and "Regulations on installation" of Phu Tho Stadium (attached).

4.      Display, transact and market within the scope of the registered booth. Staffs who deliver brochures, leaflets, etc. are only allowed to stand at their booths and are not allowed to deliver brochures and leaflets around the precinct of the Fair and to invite customers from other areas to their booths.

5.      Follow email of the Organizer about the Fair.

6.      Wear formal clothes and carry the name-tags provided by the Organizer, communicate politely, do not cause disorder and affect other booths. Assure to serve until the end of the Fair.

7.      Do not operate high volume speakers, mobile speakers system in exhibition area.

8.      Manage own properties during the operation of the Fair. The Organizer is not responsible for making compensations for any damages and losses of human and properties for the enterprises as well as in force majeure (natural disasters, fire, stealing or robbery, etc.). Self-setting up camera system for supervision purpose is recommended.

9.      Strictly comply with the provisions of the law of Vietnam on tax payment obligations, origin of goods, vouchers, measurement, quality, labeling of goods and temporarily imported for re-export goods and relevant laws.

10.  Do not bring goods which are prohibited, restricted to be sold or fake goods or goods violating the intellectual property rights or prohibited to be imported, etc. into the Fair.

11.  Remain the cleanliness and do not bring food and beverage into the fair. Maintain the equipment attached with the booth of the Organizer. Make compensation when there are losses or damages due to exhibitors' fault.

12.  Comply with the provisions of the law on fire protection system. Assure the security, fire and explosion safety at the booth (no smoking, burning candles, incense, or cooking). Neither inflammable, explosive substance nor machine, equipment, material with high risk of flaming and explosion is allowed to bring into the Fair (except for cases obtained from the Organizer).During the fair, exhibitors are responsible for inspecting, supervising and ensuring safety while using their machinery, equipment and tools.  They have to bear the full responsibility before law if there is any damage caused by their machinery, equipment and tools.

13.  Provide information and logo for the Organizer to post in the book "List of VIJF Fair Exhibitors 2022”(not advertisement), submit the design (if there is advertisement registration) in accordance with the deadline informed by the Organizer via email.


1.      Goods participating in the Fair (except for large machinery and equipment) can be deposited at the warehouse of the Fair (the Organizer is responsible for managing the warehouse) and implemented in accordance with the following orders:

-   Each exhibitor assigns a staff to be in charge of the depositing, receiving and registering with the Organizer. The Organizer will grant the deposit tag carrying the name of the exhibitor, the person in charge thereof; provide seal paper of the goods box immediately after making the warehousing procedure. The person who deposits goods shall bring along the deposit tag and shall inform to the Organizer immediately after losing the tag.

-   Goods deposited in the warehouses shall be stuffed in boxes (in accordance with the specifications instructed by the Organizer), sealed and signed by the exhibitors' representative registered with the Organizer. The Organizer will not keep boxes which are not sealed, not intact or have unclear signature, or the depositor does not have the deposit tag. The Organizer is entitled to reject handing over the goods if the receiver does not have the deposit tag and exposes suspicious signal, and will invite the exhibitor to come for solving.

-   Before depositing goods into the warehouse, the depositor and the warehouse keeper shall check and be responsible for checking and assuring that the seal is intact. The warehouse keeper is responsible for handing the boxes with full seal to the correct person who has the deposit tag on the next day.

2.      The Organizer is not responsible for any losses or damages to the goods in the box of the exhibitors if the seal is intact and the delivery is made to the correct person who has the deposit tag. The Organizer is free from any responsibility in case of force majeure such as fire, stealing, robbery, etc.  

3.      For machinery and equipment which cannot be deposited in the warehouse, exhibitors shall check, affix seals and hand over to the guard team by themselves.

4.      The exhibitors shall buy insurance for all the risks of assets (goods, machinery, equipment, materials, etc.) sold and displayed in the Fair by themselves.


1.      Enterprises take the place in morning November 07, 2022

2.      Enterprises have to send the 3D layout of booths to the Organizer check before October 21, 2022. If enterprises do not follow the instructions, the organizers have the right to stop the construction of Booths.

3.      In the Self – Building Booth, all the item does not reach over 6m in width and over 2.5m in height (standard size of the standard booth) and not cover the road in VIJF layout to ensure fire safety

4.      The organizers have the right to ask the business to change the layout if necessary.