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Rules and Regulation

1. General regulation:

This Trade Fair Regulation is issued by the organizer of 28th Vietnam International Jewelry Fair 2019 who is The Saigon Jewelry Company Limited (hereby called the organizer). By agreeing to take part in this event, the participating companies are obliged to the follow all regulations stated hereby in this Regulations.

2. The duration and opening hours of the Fair:

Vietnam International Jewelry Fair 2019 will take place from 14-18, Nov 2019.

The daily opening hours: 

- Thursday       :        10:00 am to 9:00 pm

- Friday            :        10:00 am to 9:00 pm

- Saturday        :        10:00 am to 9:00 pm

- Sunday          :        10:00 am to 9:00 pm

- Monday         :        10:00 am to 9:00 pm

3. The booths:  

a. The offer included in the Booth rental fee (1 booth) is: booth area of 3m x3m, partition, cleaning services, 4 fluorescent lamps,  1 power socket set, carpet, 1 table, 4 chairs, 1 dustbin, 4 Low glass showcase without lock (1000L x 500W x 1000H), 1 High glass showcase without lock(1000L x 500W x 2500H), 1 Fan, 5 HQI strong white light 70W or 5 Daylight 150watt (Metal) White Light, 1 Internet wifi, and 2 signboard of  the exhibitor’s name.

b. The Phu Tho Exhibition Center Operator’s Fire & Electricity Safety Regulations only allows the electrical appliances and equipments provided by the organizer. No outside equipments are allowed to be used or connected to the electricity sources in the exhibition area without prior permission from the organizer (Application form ….. to be used) to ensure the Fire and Electricity Safety. Extra charge will be applied for extra equipments used.

c. Any damages to the above equipment (point a, article 3) will incur compensation penalty borne by the party in fault.

d. Customized booths which are designed and constructed by the Exhibitor should follow the standard layout, any customized layout should be approved by the Organizer at least 2 weeks before the exhibition however the total height should not exceed 3 meters. Additional charge may occur in such a case.

4. Responsibilities of the exhibitors:

a. Register for the booth and make payment for booth rental before the deadline of October 13, 2019.

b. Any cancellation, change to the application must be made in written to the organizer 2 months before the show. No refund will be granted for any cancellation made after the above date.  

c. The exhibitors are allowed to display, sell, and promote their products within their entitled area without causing excessive noise or chaos affecting the operation of other activities of other booths or the show in general.

d. All exhibitors are responsible for the quality of their products and services, the storage and safety of their own exhibits. Any disputes or complains should be reported directly to the organizer so that they can be resolved timely.  

e. All exhibitors must comply with all Safety and Electricity Regulations. No smoking, fire hazardous material are allowed in the exhibition area; Any damage to the facilities included in each booth will be borne by the exhibitors.

f. The exhibitors must be responsible to pay for all taxes by law of Viet Nam and have to declare clearly all sales made during the exhibition.

g. Name tag provided by the organizer, smart casual dress code (acceptable to Vietnam culture) is required by all staffs, sales persons, exhibitors present in the exhibition area.

h. No foods allowed in the exhibition area. Organizer will assign a separate area for food and beverage consumption.

 5. Exhibits: 

a. Exhibitors will be responsible for the safety and storage of their exhibits, assets present at the exhibition during the Trade Fair.  

b. Should the exhibitors need to leave the exhibits at the exhibition common store after the show opening hours, a representative from the exhibitors should be appointed to deal with the organizer in this issue. Exhibits storage instruction will be given by the organizer. Exhibitors will seal their own exhibits before leaving them at the exhibition common store. The store will accept the exhibits from 9pm to 10pm and will open to return the exhibits to exhibitors from 8am to 8.30am.  

c. Exhibits should be packed in box(es) and must be sealed and signed by the exhibitor representative (the signature must be registered with organizer in advance) before being stored in the common store. A receipt will be issued by the organizer upon accepting the exhibits for storage. Upon realizing any loss of the receipt or damage to the exhibit packaging, exhibitor should report to the organizer immediately. 

d. The organizer will not be responsible for loss or damage of goods and equipments except those promptly sent for storage. For those assets can not be stored, the exhibitors can hand over to the security officers after the show opening hours according to the guideline issued by organizer. 

e. Exhibitors are responsible to buy insurance for the exhibits and assets, organizer can recommend a forwarder or insurance company to exhibitors of required. Organizer will not be responsible for any damage or loss of person or assets belong to the exhibitors caused by the exhibitors themselves or by natural disasters, fire,....      

f. Exhibitors should be responsible for their own exhibits when presented at the fair, no frauds should be allowed or tolerated.